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Inspirato tvOS

Inspirato tvOS


Inspirato In Home Experience: tvOS


At home, Inspirato tvOS brings family and friends together as they search for and plan their next vacation. On trip, tvOS acts as a digital concierge—welcoming members into the home and displaying detailed trip information that allows members to sit back, relax, and enjoy their vacation without skipping a beat.



How can we create an experience that brings people together to daydream and book their next vacation?

Planning a vacation is rarely done alone. We know this from the endless emails, texts, phone calls, and back and forth communication that occurs between our members, their friends and family, and our internal teams. Therefore, we wanted to create an immersive browsing and booking experience that could bring people together to evaluate their next vacation idea.

While we manage and control all of our homes, the experience of walking into an Inspirato home rarely has a consistent, branded feel.

The knowledge that you’re entering an Inspirato home is not always apparent. Branded coasters are lost under coffee table books and Inspirato cups are hidden in the kitchen cabinets. Printed itineraries contain weather forecasts printed from local sources and become outdated the second a change is made. How can we leverage technology to better brand our homes and improve the ‘in home’ experience of an Inspirato vacation?



Leverage the newly available tvOS platform — which can be implemented in all Inspirato homes — to create an in home experience that allows members to view destination and trip specific information as well as browse and book their next vacation.



Lead Product Designer

As the sole product designer on the team, I was responsible for leading the entire UX research and design process.



Inspirato’s tvOS app not only allows members to browse the collection in a newly immersive way, but it also provides on-trip assistance, welcoming members as they enter the home, showing upcoming itinerary items, allowing members to browse nearby attractions, and keeping them updated on local weather forecasts.




The initial version of Inspirato tvOS was designed as part of a two week tech sprint.

When the tvOS platform became available, the team saw it as a perfect match to tackle the challenges listed above. We started with the basics and quickly iterated on a design that would allow members to browse the Inspirato portfolio in this newly immersive, cinematic experience. We then installed the app on two televisions in our Vail member lounge where we were able to receive real time feedback from members who are in the lounge daily.

From there, we continued to think about how we could leverage the tvOS platform. From talking with members, we knew that not everyone had a tvOS in their own home. However, there was the opportunity to install these in our Inspirato homes for members to use. Therefore, we focused our efforts on how we could leverage the tvOS for a branded on-trip experience. We researched what the most important information members wanted to know when they were on-trip and began to think through ways tvOS could help keep members updated and informed about their trip.



Rapid sketching allowed us to define the core flows and content needed

Rapid sketching allowed us to define the core flows and content needed




The tvOS app is now being installed in 80% of our homes for a branded on-trip experience. An additional version of the app is available for members to download in the comfort of their own homes.